Retreat for the Trees

Supporting a Reforestation Revolution and Giving Back to Nature

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to attend a retreat knowing that 75% of what you paid goes directly to reforestation through verifiable reforestation projects that you can track?  
We offer retreats with the sole aim of raising funds for reforestation projects in the Tropics. 
Retreat for theTrees has formed as an organic entity and initiative in direct partnership with Treesisters.  
TreeSisters is a global network of women who donate monthly to fund the restoration of our tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care. Treesisters have so far planted over 6 million trees in the Tropics. 

We ask yoga, meditation and eco centres all over the world whether they are willing to donate us a free retreat week at their centre. We then teach a retreat there and the money saved from not having to pay for the retreat space can be donated instead, in its entirety, to reforestation projects supported by Treesisters.  
Please go to their website here to check out their work and to become a Treesister. 


Retreat for the Trees is the vision of my teaching partner Gemma Mallol, and it reflects our longing to retreat not only for our own liberation and restoration, but to give back to mother nature.

These retreats are facilitated and taught by us and other teachers who offer somatic practices of embodiment (through yoga, movement, and meditation) that guide us toward a profound attunement to and inter-dependency with nature. Herein we are re orientated inwards towards the original body, the primal body and an experience of our wild selves, where we are nature, where we feel deeply nourished and in communion with the earth.

As we listen deeply, we may start to understand how we might give back? How we might come into a relationship of mutual nourishment and restoration with the earth? How we might forge and nurture supportive communities? How we might step forward and embody earth wisdom? How this journey might allow for an intelligence to be born within us that is expressed and spreads through our good work. 

On these retreats we spend time with the earth, moving, contemplating, reflecting, feeling, walking, dialoguing, and allowing nature to guide us, to speak to us. In so doing, maybe our position and participation on this earth can start to transform so that we may effect positive change and contribute to a community of ecological regeneration and restoration as opposed to destruction and degradation, where giving back to the earth become as natural as taking from her. 

At the end of each retreat, as part of the closing ceremony, we work out the accounts amongst the retreat group, so we know exactly how much funds we have raised together. The donation is passed from #Retreat for theTrees to Treesisters and every member of the retreat group receives a notification of their groups fund raising achievement and how many trees will be planted with the funds. 
Retreat for the trees aims to build a supportive and growing community around the retreats that can then tap into Treesisters networks and structure post retreat to build local community networks that carry on the good work of connecting and empowering women and men to meet, support and work together to not only nourish our wild souls but also to reforest and regenerate the earth together. 

If you have a retreat space and you would like to partner with us by donating a free week at your centre, we would be delighted to receive your donation on behalf of the trees and host a retreat for your venue.