Yoga & Mindfulness

Learning to inhabit our experience kindly and coherently through a deep enquiry into posture, breath and movement,  we allow our body wisdom to awaken so we may feel more fully alive

'Embodied yoga' is a mindful and therapeutic approach to yoga through which we cultivate the conditions for a regulated nervous system and move towards ease and stability within. In the ancient yoga texts this is known as sthira and sukha, and it is through the conscious dance or oscillation between these polarities grounded in our embodied being that we begin to find balance and peace.

This is not a linear approach to yoga but one which embraces an intuitive and organic response to our enquiry into felt-sense and lived experience. I understand yoga to be not something we 'do', but rather it is our natural state when our body, mind and heart are relaxed and undefended. The practice therefore, can help us create the conditions whereby we can relax into our being and allow whatever tension patterns stand between us and our natural state of non-separation to soften. We can then begin to open to the experience of union which is what Yoga translates as. In yoga the seeker and the sought become one thing.

If you are interested, please take a look at my offerings, to see how we can work together in this way.