MA Dance and Somatic Well-being

Somatic Experiencing®

Shiatsu Diploma

Yoga & Mindfulness teacher and teacher trainer with Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training since 2012


I have a committed practice of Authentic Movement with my teacher Fran Lavendel and Continuum with Elaine Colandrea. I am being mentored towards teaching Continuum, a biological awareness practice that facilitates fluid expression for healing and creativity.


As a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, I meet the high Standards of Practice and uphold the Code of Ethics.  For more information visit



About the work

Somatic Alchemy brings together the various strands of body-oriented therapeutic work I offer in the metaphor of the body as an alchemical vessel, a portal through which deep transformation and gentle healing can be experienced. I believe each person has the inherent wisdom and creative intelligence to meet life's challenges, but these can often be hidden. My work is about supporting you to recover your resources for engaging in the transformative process that is life's journey.


Into the unknown

Being supported in slowing down and opening to the unknown within we learn to listen to the language of the body, the pre-conceptual or sensory-imaginal realm of direct experience. Here we allow the internal impulses to guide us as we track their pathways in and through the body. We listen to our bodies and learn to engage in the movement of our life force, sensing where it flows and where it stagnates in symptom. We cultivate a new and kinder relationship to our bodies and old tension patterns begin to soften and fall away as new possibilities awaken in us. Using creative arts processes we give form and expression to this energy through voice work, dialogue, mark-making, making; right-brain activities that assist us in integrating the new insights that emerge from the movement and meditation.

Somatic Alchemy is the term I use for the process of embodying and integrating the polarised aspects of our being through intuitve explorations into our bodily unconscious. Here we can learn to dance on the edgezone beween the known and the unknown, embracing our intuition and the mystery. Here we may become more of who we are, more whole. Our body can become our guide for discovering balance, peacefulness and coherence in our lives. In the depths of the body there is gold awaiting our discovery.