Individual bodywork sessions are an opportunity for you to receive therapeutic touch for health and connection. 

I am trained in both Shiatsu and Somatic Experiencing. I integrate these bodywork modalities to create a unique session for you. The aim initially is to help you access your vitality and a sense of support so that you may let go and allow your body's innate wisdom to guide us as I offer touch and perhaps movement to different areas of your body as you lie down and are invited to relax.

I use Shiatsu (healing touch and knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine based on a map of energy flows or meridians within the subtle or energetic body) to support areas of the body that may be depleted, neglected or exhausted and also to release tension from places that feel contracted or held in habitual patterns which are inhibiting a sense of flow. The touch helps deepen awareness to yourself and your body can be encouraged in its natural movement towards balance. 

Alongside the Shiatsu, I use Somatic Experiencing, a method for resolving the nervous system’s response to overwhelming stress, or traumatic events. The focus here is on re-regulating the nervous system’s unconscious response to overwhelm which can manifest in conditions such as unresolved chronic pain, shock and anxiety, mood disturbances and difficulty relating to others. 

I have found this synthesis of bodywork methods very effective in supporting a deep experience of the body and the opening of internal pathways towards greater ease, health and vitality.

If you are interested, please take a look at my offerings, to see how we can work together in this way.