I offer Somatic Movement Group Workshops and Embodied Yoga & Mindfulness Classes in person and online


'Embodied yoga' is a mindful and therapeutic approach to yoga through which we cultivate the conditions for a regulated nervous system and move towards ease and stability within. Integrating creative organic movement with our more traditional exploration of asana or posture supports the awakening of the natural intelligence within. My intention is to accompany you as you come home to your bodily experience, and begin to listen deeply to this inner wisdom. Beginners and more experienced yogis are equally welcome.

Where and when

** Currently on a break from online classes **

** Coming soon to Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

** Coming soon to Sambogaya Community Retreat Space, Glastonbury


Classes are drop-in and cost £8

Contact me here to be sent the weekly Zoom link for these classes

Wear comfortable clothes, and set up your practice space so it is warm, comfy and nourishing (I like to do this kind of practice on a soft rug rather than a yoga mat, and have some cushion and blankets nearby for support)

"Each week I totally look forward to unraveling my being, expanding beyond my immediate awareness and being able to reset refind myself again"

 - Sarah, artist, yoga practitioner



Explore experiential processes for developing regulation at the level of the nervous system
Fortnightly class to support people working on healing trauma at the cellular and biologcal/ root level of being. This class was set up to support my SE clients to have access to ongoing practical exercises and education around nervous system health and healing. Also suitable for other therapists / caring professionals/ practitioners who wish to deepen their experience of embodied work.
Learn to discharge stress/ survival energy from the nervous system and bring about regulation
Work with unconscious material stored in the body using somatic movement and creative process
Cost: £10 per class
Day/time: Wednesdays 10-11am (fortnightly)
Booking: Please email me to register and I will send you the zoom link to acess the class

In these classes we will use movement, awareness, breath and posture to explore and perceive the body's innate expression. As well as guiding you into a deeper connection with your embodied process I will bring in more of the 'educational' piece to explain how we can understand our nervous system from the perspective of contemporary neuroscience and somatic psychology, and how we can bring regulation to our system when it is out of balance.

This is a therapeutic approach working deeply and safely with ourselves at the root level of our being, our biological and cellular awareness, and is particularly suitable for those of you interested in healing trauma and relieving stress physiology.

Contact me here to be sent the weekly Zoom link for these classes



Together in a group we are each invited into our bodily process, allowing our imagination to flow freely... here we rest, breathe, yield to the support of the ground and the touch of the space... we listen deeply as we soften and we become curious about the unfolding sensations, images and movements arising in our experience. We explore through meditation, movement, creative arts, writing, experiential anatomy, improvised touch and bodywork... giving form and breath to the unlived and unexpressed parts of us that want to emerge. We explore attending lovingly to our own presence whilst in relationship with other individuals and the collective field. 

These monthly movement workshops are open to those who want to explore sharing and expressing their embodied presence within a relational or group context. No experience is necessary for this work, and each mover is invited and welcomed as they are. Themes for the workshops have included working with cellular awareness, developmental/ embryological and evolutionary movement patterns, play, ground and support, exploring life themes through movement and art, embodying nature and deepening our felt-sense connection with the earth.

Where and When

** currently online: Sunday afternoons (monthly) 2.30-4pm

** Coming soon to Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire

** Coming soon to Sambogaya Community Retreat Space, Glastonbury

Contact me if you would like to explore whether these sessions are for you

Despite a culture in many ways obsessed with the body, its fitness, appearance etc., we are curiously estranged from the feeling world of our bodies - from the constellations of sensation, memory, intuition, emotion, instinct, and dream that our bodies generate to keep us in touch with ourselves and the world

- Miranda Tufnell