One to One

There are 3 distinct modalities you can choose from if you would like to work with me individually: Co-Creative Enquiry, Somatic Experiencing, and Bodywork. 


We can meet and explore what is is you wish to address and how many sessions might be appropriate to contain the enquiry. I often work with people who bring a recurring or chronic health symptom, a desire for deeper creative expression, for self-care and nuturing or for support with accessing or unblocking the creative or healing processes.

What to expect...

We weave together the sessions based on the approach and ways of working outlined on this site, depending on your needs and my offerings. A session can include bodywork, being witnessed in movement and supported by me as you are facilitated into a deeper engagement with your embodied process, and reflecting together on what arises, integrating new discoveries into a sense of meaning.

Duration: Each session will be 1 hour in length, unless agreed otherwise

Location: I have a private therapy space and movement studio in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire and another in Glastonbury, Somerset.

This work can also be effectively shared online, if meeting in person is not an option for us.

Contact me if you would like to book a session


SE is a body-orientated therapeutic approach for healing trauma. Accessing the physiological patterning underlying our complexes and symptoms allows for a deeper transformation than is possible through traditional 'talk' therapies alone.

What to expect...

In trauma therapy we use the body and nervous system responses as a guide to let us know where in the stress cycle the residue of our traumatic past may be stuck, whatever the cause. Once we have idenitified where the natural sequencing of the stress cycle has been disrupted and 'held' in the bodymind we learn to 'track' the nervous system by guiding our attention, using movement and where apropriate touch, to help the nervous system regulate and release the stuck energy that has been preventing the innate orientation towards balance.

As it gradually comes into balance, symptoms of dysregulation lessen in intensity or occur less frequently, until they either disappear or become manageable. This can be a slow process requiring many sessions, or can be felt immediately, depending on the severity of the trauma. At the same time, we become more able to open to more in life and find an increasing sense of ease and vitality in our responses to other people and situations.

It may be that you are aware of a specific traumatic experience that you feel might be at the root of the stress, the stuckness, the turbulence, the numbness, or the confusion that you are currently experiencing for example a car crash, an operation, a rape, an accident, sexual abuse, an abusive relationship, a traumatic birth, or an overwhelming experience from childhood. However, sometimes we have no explicit memory of what happened but rather we have body memories or sensations or what are known as implicit memories that can get triggered by certain conditions. Or we may be experiencing a constellation of symptoms or syndromes that seem to make no sense or have no apparent relationship and that never seem to resolve. It is not actually necessary to know what caused symptoms in order to work effectively in reducing them, because in Somatic Experiencing we are working with the underlying physioloigical layers of where the trauma is stored in the bodymind, rather than the conscious narrative of explicit memory.

Location: I have a private therapy space in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire and another in Glastonbury, Somerset. 

Somatic Experiencing can also be effectively shared online, if meeting in person is not an option for us.

Duration: Each session will be 1 hour, unless agreed otherwise. 



I offer a synthesis of Shiatsu and somatic bodywork to support your body in receiving touch and movement for health and wellbeing. During the bodywork session you will be invited to lie down on a futon and relax whilst I offer presence, touch and sometimes movement.

Shiatsu can release physical, emotional and mental tension or blockages through the stimulation of specific points on the Asian acupressure meridian system. This stimulation of both the (lack) yin and (excess) yang energy presented in the body and organs helps to balance and restore the body’s innate healing ability. As in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu both facilitates the body to resolve and prevent pain and illness.

Alongside the Shiatsu I apply Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Movement Therapy processes to guide your body through subtle, natural movements to restore and resolve blockages or even trauma that has been consciously or unconsciously stored in the body.

This somatic approach to bodywork gently and safely guides you to increase your ability to tolerate difficult bodily sensations and suppressed emotions, enabling a deeper sense of relaxation and ease in your self.

The experience of connection: through breathing and sensitive contact with the bodies of others and with earth, it is possible to relinquish our fearful investment in separateness to connect deeply with other people and with nature. This connection brings nourishment; it lightens heart

- Jill Hayes